Short Term Health Insurance

Affordable, Temporary Individual Insurance

Many individuals and families may find that short-term or temporary individual health insurance fits best into their budget and lifestyle. These plans typically have coverage periods that run from 30 days to 12-months and provide a high level of care and protection in the event of an unexpected illness or injury. The following are different situations that consumers may encounter where an affordable short-term health plan may prove beneficial.

If you are:

  • In Between Jobs
  • Looking for a Lower-cost Alternative to Expensive COBRA
  • A Recent College Graduate
  • Waiting for an Employer-sponsored Plan
  • A Temporary or Seasonal Employee

Common benefits of Affordable Short-term Individual Health Insurance Plans:

  • Easy Application Process and Fast Underwriting
  • Online Credit Card Payment of Premiums
  • Guaranteed Rates for the Coverage Period
  • Quick Claim Payments and No Claim Forms
  • Toll-free Customer Service Support