Maternity Service Package

The cost of maternity healthcare can be exceptionally expensive. Today having a baby involves more than just a simple trip to the hospital to give birth. One of the largest financial hurdles is how to pay for prenatal care and delivery. The unfortunate fact is that pregnancies can take unpredictable paths, which often forces families to prepare for the financial hardships that may occur. Even if you have health insurance to cover your pregnancy, out-of-pocket costs can still add up.

More often than not, we are contacted by women who are already pregnant and do not have any health insurance coverage. Others may have health insurance but lack maternity benefits under their health plan. At that point it is very difficult, if not impossible to find an Individual Health Insurance policy to cover maternity costs. With limited options available, it is easy to become frustrated and confused.

Maternity Trends

Millions of babies are born each year. Now more then ever, new mothers need to have access to educational information and healthcare. This knowledge can help reduce unforeseen risks to both the mother and the baby throughout the pregnancy. Proper physical health before becoming pregnant is as important as maintaining a healthy lifestyle while pregnant. Using the tools and resources available from our healthcare system is an essential part of the pregnancy process.

Advances in healthcare technologies have made an obvious impact on maternity services. Today, expectant mothers have many choices as to which facilities they will use. Some examples include Special Care Nurseries, Dedicated Birthing Suites, at Home Delivery, and Special Midwife Units. Other improvements new mothers can benefit from are Family Centered Care, Prenatal Education, and Coordinating Care within your Health Insurance Benefits.

Maternity Plan Options

Typical plan options:

  • Health Insurance – Most consumers have this coverage through their employer-sponsored policy. Many of these plans have excellent coverage which can substantially reduce your out-of-pocket costs. For consumers who have an individual health plan with a maternity coverage rider, you will benefit from the low rates your insurance carrier has negotiated with network providers as well as help with out-of-pocket costs. Health Insurance is the best choice for most consumers but there may be barriers to these plans if you are already pregnant.
  • Discount Plan – This type of plan is usually the most affordable but is not health insurance. You will be paying out-of-pocket for each doctor or hospital visit and each procedure. However, there are many benefits for those who do enroll. There is usually no waiting period to join, and you get instant access to plan benefits. These plans are popular because the low premiums can provide large discounts off your healthcare bills. Some discounts may be up to 60% off the regular billed charges when using a network provider. This plan option may be a good choice for you if you cannot afford the high health insurance premiums, want prenatal care, and have exhausted all other avenues for health insurance.