Cover Florida Health Insurance

Many Floridians have gone without access to Florida Health Insurance coverage. To correct market failures, then Florida Governor Charlie Crist in his 2008 legislative session launched the Cover Florida Health Care Access Program. Two goals of this program were to offer affordable health insurance (i.e., 150.00 or less per month), and to guarantee the plans would be accessible. That is, cover those individuals with pre-existing health conditions who might otherwise be excluded from competing health insurance policies.

The final result produced a number of new health insurance choices. These new limited-benefit health plans were then offered by a number of insurance carriers. In the end, the program was not successful as it has come to an end. With the enactment of the Federal Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a., ObamaCare), the Cover Florida health insurance program became unsustainable.

The six health insurance carriers who originally participated in the program have discontinued further issuance of new Cover Florida health insurance policies. If you are currently covered by one of these plans, you should contact your health insurance company to understand any changes that may occur to your policy and to discuss your continuation of coverage.

Additionally, if you are insured by a Cover Florida plan, you are still eligible to apply for a standard full-benefit Florida health care policy. They are available for most Florida residents and provide many important benefits such as catastrophic or preventative care. In order to qualify for a full-benefit Florida health care plan, applicants must first determine their eligibility by meeting the guidelines and criteria established by the carrier and the State of Florida.

A sample of the underwriting requirements for a full-benefit Florida health insurance policy are:

  1. Applicants need to fall between the ages of 19 and 64
  2. Legally reside in the state of Florida
  3. Must fit the medical and health care guidelines established by the insurance carrier
  4. Cannot qualify for public health insurance (e.g., Medicaid or Medicare)

Once a potential new applicant has determined their eligibility, and has decided they want to apply for a full-benefit Florida health insurance plan, the application process is quite simple. You can begin by clicking on the start button located at the top of the page. At Peoples Health Insurance, LLC, we take Florida health care very seriously. Cover Florida was an avenue that allowed the uninsured new options to seek treatment for preventative services, office visits, surgeries, prescription drugs and more. With the loss of these limited-benefit plans, you and your family are now more restricted in your Florida health insurance choices. Our insurance agency will work to find other Florida health plan options that will fit your budget and lifestyle.

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